I recovered an old A/V set presented in Brasil in Belo Horizonte in 2014. There were two many colors inside.


Emma Marrone let me film her to  create content for the upcomming live show and tour visuals. Capturing an inside struggle.

Ligabue MondoVisione Tour 2014 | Videodesign

  Credits: Concept and Creative Direction: Jo Campana and Luciano Ligabue Prod.Dir: Franco Comanducci Light Designer: Jo Campana MA: Made Pandora: Luca “Dado” Marzoni VideoDesign: I ragazzi della Birreria (Roberto Costantino, Pietro Grandi, Mikkel Garro Martinsen)

Ghost musical Italy | VideoDesign

Stand by me… Video design Adaptment for the Italian Edition of GHOST the musical. Produced by Poltronissima srl Directed by Stefano Genovese SOME DESIGN TAKEN FROM THE REHEARSAL ——————–  

UNIPOL 50 | VJing

The biggest italian ensurance company Unipol celebrate 50 years of activity, with a big concert just at base of their new tower in bologna. PattyPravo, Francesco Renga and Malika Ayane the artist on stage. We operated on site as vj for the liveshow. My Lml Star 125 came also up on stage…  

UrbanTale | VideoDesign & VJ

Cafelulè are three girls dancing at least 15m above us all. I have the fortune to create their video projection and light design. Visit website here Pictures from Urban Tale, a show conceived by Marco Boarino and performed live by Gipo Curradi (sound), Cafelulè and Mikkel G.Martinsen (vjing)


Wonderful experience working with Serena Dandini, the show reached ONU. We created all the graphic design for pubblications and the website, the video design of the show and the Vjing. Big shout for Rossella Fumasoni, that gave us the possibility to use a wide range of her works! JUST PERFECT!!! CAST Geppi Cucciari, Lilli Gruber, Angela Finocchiaro, Donatella Finocchiaro, Germana Pasquero, Stefania Casini, Isabella Ragonese, Lella Costa, Daniela Dioguardi, Concita DeGregorio, Lunetta Savino, Susanna Camusso, Raffaella Lebboroni, Josefa Idem, Elisa, Paola Minaccioni, Alessandra Vanzi, Emanuela Grimalda, Anna Bonaiuto, Thony, Malika... Read The Rest →


I’m following this project of vertical dance by the Cafelulè dance company, creating the video enviroment and all the interaction that we will try to put in the show. La “Mise en scene” is by Marco Boarino. Below you see a short extract of our rehearsals.   PREMIERE 12 MODENA Torre Ghirlandina       MAKING OF  


We created the opening mapping and the scenografic video for the Diesel Spring Summer 2013 Collection presentation, in the auditorium of the Diesel Island Headquarter.   Credits Stage Design: GiòForma Production & Creative direction: Pry Video Mapping: Mikkel G.Martinsen Mapping on site (Pandora Master): Marcello Pontalto, NiceFall   REHEARSAL PHOTO  


Radio is simply the number 1 commercial radio in Italy. Tons of now big artists has grown up in their studios. To celebrate 30years of activity they created a MEGA show at the Mediolanum Stadium in Milan.     CREDITS Production: Live Nation Art Direction: Linus & Giòforma Stage Design: Giòforma Light Design: Francesco De Cave Content Design: Mikkel G.Martinsen 3D Design: Nicola “Gasta” Gastaldi    


    We did the video design for ” THE FIRST ITALIAN MOBILE ADVERTISING AWARD”  at the Teatro dal Verme in Milan. We also projected and directed the mapping over the prize designed by Gioforma. Big thanks to Apparati Effimeri for their consulences and render farm.   CREDITS Production: Gioforma Stage and Price design: Gioforma Mapping 3d: Apparati Effimeri Mapping Onsite : NiceFall VideoDesign direction: Mikkel G.Martinsen  


  This time we were involved in the creation of the video design of the grand opening show. Morocco Mall is North Africa’s biggest commercial center. It contains worlds biggest Lafayette. In the afternoon we kept a special show just for the King of Morocco…

NEGRITA VIDEOCLIP “Un giorno di Ordinaria Magia” | MOTION

This time the call came from Paolo Soravia asking to re-arrange what we’ve done for the show design, to make the videoclip for Negrita’s Un Giorno di Ordinaria Magia. Franz Scirè joined us to create the graphics that we composite and animate. Negrita had tons of shooting from their trip to LA, all mixed up with our simple low-fi animation. CREDITS Executive Producer: Paolo Soravia Director: Mikkel G.Martinsen Graphics: Francesco Scirè Compositing & Animation: Mikkel Garro Martinsen    

Rep 2012 | VideoDesign & Mapping

  We created the graphic video design, on air graphics and the video design mapped onto the big R just in the middle of Bologna. Great help came from the experienced Christoph Grigoletti who created the 3d content and map the R.   Credits Prodution: Mismaonda VideoDesign: Mikkel G.Martinsen 3dMapping: Christoph Grigoletti  

Beetle Launch Italy | VIDEO DESIGN & VJING

We was invited to design and perform the video content for the Italian launch of Wolkswagen new beetle. In Rome and in Milan two events created by Kevents. Credits Client: Wolkswagen Italia Production: Kevents ArtDirection: Andrea Celi (4 Kevents) InteriorDesign & StageDesign: Giòforma VideoDesign & VJing: Mikkel G.Martinsen & Christoph Grigoletti

DO YOU SYNC? | Audio/Video Performance

I’ve been working a lot on a sort of one man show where I can control audio and video realtime thru midi interface. Thanks to a couple of smart applications (MidiViaOSC) and a simple router, I was able to create and composite tons of minimal geometric forms just playing and moving perfectly syncronized to the music.   As I say: “The aim is to create a true and personal visualization of a sound”.   I got the possibility, thanks to the guys from RobotFestival, to perform last year, in Belo... Read The Rest →

Tek Money | VideoClip

I got a call from Federico Mutti, he asking me if i could pimpup and finished the edit of the videoclip “Dalle Mie Parti” of TEKMONEY. I had a look to the already edited content and quickly decided to do it up again from start. It tooks a little while, but finally it came out.


Back with the guys from Arezzo, this time Jo Campana designed a really asimmetric stage, a broken glass, from where lights and video come out.   CREDITS Production: Live Nation Art Direction: Pau & Fabrizio Barbacci Stage Design & Light Design: Jo Campana On The GrandMa: Davide Pedrotti Content Design: Mikkel G.Martinsen, Roberto Costantini On the PVP: Jonny Sync    

PopThis | Footage

We created another VJ Footage library on All 3D stuff was made by Christoph Grigoletti BUY IT HERE ON RESOLUME      

Do You Map? | Mapping

  I got some time to test the new Beta version of Resolume Arena, that include an Advance output module, allowing you to stretch, adjust, warp with bezier curves your output or just a specific part of your output. Interesting things are happening in vj dedicated programs, making these kind of things very fast and easy. And that good so we got more time to focus on creativity.

RainbowMagicTown Opening | Video Design

Mismaonda involved us to create a manage the video design for the RainbowTown Opening. Rainbow is the italian company that invented and created the Winx! They’ve build the new headquater office. Incredible structure and building, where almost 1000 people working everyday to create the Magic World of the Winx, but not only. Fiorello was the big show togheter with Nina Zilli and a really amazing fireworks show, making the dinner-event a great success. We created the video backdrops for the dinner-show, the magic indoor acquarium and various versions of the... Read The Rest →

YOUTOOL | VideoDesign

  We have fun with Matteo and Enrico, these guys had a really good idea: YOUTOOL Right now only in Italian. YOUTOOL è uno strumento innovativo per designer e aziende, un sito dedicato alla cultura del progetto e alla sua promozione. YOUTOOL è un laboratorio on-line: seguendo i video formativi del workshop sarete in grado di inviare la vostra idea sviluppata ad hoc per l’azienda. YOUTOOL è un progetto selezionato da Aster fra i partecipanti al bando “CREATER Crescita Creativa in Emilia-Romagna – Creative Growth” finanziato dal programma Europeo Interreg... Read The Rest →


  Torna sul luogo del delitto Luciano. Conferma il team che si arricchisce con la costanza e sostanza di Roberto Costantino. We created the videodesign for the three hour concert infront of 116.000 people. Massive led wall. The really challenge was to fit in the live shots (directed by Cristian Biondani), in all songs creating with the graphics a unique design. Luciano Ligabue had precise ideas about what there should happen in various parts of the show giving us the possibility to navigate free around reaching each checkpoint. All the... Read The Rest →


    We was asked to prepare the entrance wall projection video design and all the live video footage for the three shows on stage. Naomi Campell, Mika, Skin just some of the stars presents at the event. A truely V.I.P event. Laser show, special dances and coreography, fashionation djsets. REHEARSAL – PHOTO            

MTVDAYS Turin 2011 | VideoDesign

First 2Days at 500fps Mtv has redesign their logo to be a perfect 16:9 container. It became so the main backdrop for the mtv Days in turin this september. We added tons on minimal lines, big color patterns and wireframe graphics to the scene. Glec down from the roof! Three days of concerts, from Marracash to Caparezza flying thru Daniele Silvestri ending on Subsonica. PHOTO

VASCO KOM11 TOUR | VideoDesign

Gioforma called me to improve the video design to the new Vasco Rossi Tour Kom11. Massive stage design, really impressive, a tons of specials during the show. Fire, laser, dancers, films… “The highest stage build in Italy”   PHOTO GALLERY Courtesy from Gioforma      

Henry Cotton’s ADV | Motion

    The design and communication company Latveria, invited us to film and create the 30” sec adv spot exclusive for selected cinemas in Italy. We followed the SS 2011 shooting in England, near Silverstone, made by Tim Walker. It was a really nice relaxed atmosphere, so it was easy to reach 8hours of raw footage, so now try to get it down to 30”. There comes so much footage out of it that we decided to douple the edits.        


  We was involved to shock up the projection surface on the stage. A series of parties around italian main cities, (Milan, Turin, Rome, Bologna and more) that really kicked… Togheter with C-Hackerz, we created specific band looks, and a huge library ready to go. We joined the first and the last parties, with a very long vjset. WEBSITE PHOTO TURIN DATE

MTV Winter 2011 | Video design

This time for MTV Winter in Valencia, Giòforma designed a 45m long video projection as backdrop for the show. On stage Sum41, My Chemical Romance, Groove Armada and Orbital. The video wall was composed by 7 differents projectors, each screen declinated on a 45 angel perpective line. We try to create a lot of differents looks and some big line patterns for the dj shows.                      

Victor Victoria | Video design

Victor Victoria’s last season saw us involved into the design of trailers, bumpers and all other graphics design around in the studio. We re-arranged also the logo and also re-designed here historic tv adv adding new grain and movements.       Official website

PumpThis Deluxe | INSTALLATION & VJing

PumpThis invited me to create a funny and fascinating video setup for their event “PumpThisDeluxe” this time in consolle 2ManyDjs and Brodinsky. Unfortunally I couldn’t be present during the show, but Cristoph helped out and did a really great job mapping and vjing. Also a special thanks to Luca Zanna, resident VJ. … SHOWTIME by Francesca Lossu | Francesca Parisini     Credits: Concept: Daniele Bacco (Peacock) Setup Design & Video Design: Mikkel G.Martinsen Mapping & Vjing: Christoph Grigoletti (C-Hackerz) Scenography: Patrick & Carciofino


Here’re some another photos with mapped projection experiments. This time the surface is a nice jacket, branded up for HenryCottons. Although it seems to be a model from at least 2002, never used… guess why? And I’m sure it isn’t gonna be the last time of these kinds of experiments     PHOTO

SOUNDTRACK | Video Design

  We trying to work out a nice way to make the graphics bounce to the music. This time we came out, using Soundkeys, to some pretty close to the beat moving graphics.      


I continue to make some experiments with mapped projection, it seems to be a great period for those kind of things [Eg. AntiVJ, ApparatiEffimeri, 1204Architecture etc], anyway here’s another step… Projection onto a Hogan Rebel shoe, in collaboration with Latveria Design.   PHOTO .. VIDEO EXTRACT

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