This was biggest screen I ever have made contributions for… really a great and amazing production. The show won the “Best Show 2010” awards! We created from scratch the video design to give Ligabue a massive and delicate wall/world to live in for a night. Well it was 15 fully packed stadium nights. Loading the player…   CREDITS Concept: Maioli, Jo Campana, Cristian Biondani Stage Design: La Diligenza Light Designer: Jo Campana Light & Video Programming: Marco De Nardi Pandora Operator: Dado (courtesy from STS) Video Design: Mikkel G.Martinsen, Pietro... Read The Rest →


Hansel Gretel & Momo The first episode of the crossmediale project. I contributed animating the beatifull illustrations and photo compositing. This is just the trailer. Full animation of episode is under production. STILLS CREDITS ideazione, contenuti e direzione di Marina Caleffi di Roberto Mussapi ideazione e cura Marina Caleffi immagini di Giulio Cassanelli illustrazioni di Michela Petoletti con la collaborazione di Prof. Giovanni Bollea Edizioni Cooperativa Libera Stampa Stampato presso Grafiche dell’Artiere con l’Alto Patronato della Presidenza di Giorgio e della Repubblica

Milano FashionDesignWeek | Video Design

We created the logo motion of the logo ident developed by Cristiana Picco. Designed to fit the led pulled under the stair steps and the led wall in front of the audience, just in the middle the Galleria in Milan. We also gave the production team total access to our custom video design archive, so they could efficently program all the various moments during the exhibition days. Catwalks, speech and music performances. Official website of the event            

Bicentenario Mexico | VIDEO DESIGN

We was involved in this giga-production, by half italian, in Mexico City: The celebrations of the Bicentenario . 5 Stages, parade, fireworks more and more. We did all the videodesign for the 50mt long stage on Angel square and the video ident of the on air telvision live show. Among the guest local heroes: Alondra de la Parra, Alek syntek, Los Tigres de Norte. PHOTO GALLERY /courtesy of Giòforma      

ROBOT 3.0 Festival Video Identity | Video Design

I was commisioned by Shape to design the video identity of the third edition of Robot Festival. I took out the amazing 3d render from the Graphic design studio Sartoria and created this simple but strong and cleen impact visuals. For the video teaser I imagined that Bologna was invaded by this 3d form and all the artists.     FESTIVAL WEBSITE  


    Cristian Biondani called me up asking if I could create something pop for the show they held in Naples. Al lot of artist just performing one o two song, all in timecode. So why don’t create something in sync? Christoph came out of C4D with some interesting forms and solutions to them bouncing on the beat. We created one for each song performed on stage, including: Mika, Stromae, Finley, Marco Mengoni and many more…   PHOTO STILLS


Front projection on stage surface. We thought that it wold look good with major minimal patterns and some kitsch flowers.   CREDITS Production: MTV Italia StageDesign: Giò Forma Light Designer: Gurdip Video Design: Mikkel G.Martinsen   PHOTO SHOW    

AHA Farewell Tour 2010 | VIDEODESIGN

Dave Maxwell come up again with this exciting challenge: Give A-ha an impressive video Farewell (Goodbye) as this tour are thier last one. Quiet large library was created, from pure B/N graphics loops to HD natural shoots. All things mixed up and programmed by Jojo Tillmann.       You can find all info about the tour, still ongoing, photos, videos a more here: AHA OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE          


Una serie di foto dalla data zero a Mantova del nostrano Vasco Rossi. Questa volta Giòforma ha fatto qualcosa di compatto, dinamico ed estremamente potente. E’ stato un’azione gustosa poter creare dei backdrops per deliziose strisce led.   CREDITS PRODUCTION: Live Nation STAGE DESIGN: GiòForma LIGHT DESIGNER : GIOVANNI PINNA CATALYST: MARCO PIVA VIDEO DESIGN: Mikkel G.Martinsen   REHEARSAL


Tokio Hotel is a band with a really strong identity. They ask me to create some post atomic ambiences and immaginary worlds where they actually could land with their live show. With Dave Maxwell and Stefania Giunchi (courtesy from Latveria Design) we traced not only the outlines of the visual aspect of the show but also made over 70 different fullHD atomic motiongraphics to ensure the band a proper world to perform in. .. Misty Buckley did the stage design and came out with something very modular, easy to overview... Read The Rest →


  This is the video teaser for the 9th Edition of Elettrowave, elettronik music festival of the famous ItaliaWave Festival. I follow Meat Collettivo grafico’s idea and performance togheter with Christoph and edited the material that we shooted.   Credits: Artwork&Performance: Meat Collettivo Grafico Partner: Latveria Design Shooting: C-Hackerz Edit: Musolab Soundtrack: Aerea Negrot “its lover, love” 

Giobbe Covatta 30 | Video Design

L’agenzia di creazione grandi eventi Mismaonda srl mi ha chiamato per dare una veste grafica al nuovo spettacolo teatrale di Giobbe Covatta 30. Insieme a Paola Catella abbiamo creato i quadri in cui giobbe ci racconta a suo modo la carta dei diritti dell’uomo. Ho fatto fare il logo al bravissimo illustratore Francesco D’erminio, e ho cercato di metterlo, il logo non Francesco, in dei mondi tematici per le scene dello spettacolo. Paola Catella, la nostra guida, ha realizzato una serie di video che accompagnano il racconto monologo alla maniera... Read The Rest →


Another installation, this time public!, and a little bigger as more element where involved. It was optimized with Cristoph Grigioletti who did some additional programming. All installations where made with VDMX5 , the mapping was edited directly in PhotoshopCS5 PHOTO   2unknownIDOTS!!! VIDEO

Accademic Workshop | Video Design

I was involved by the Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna to create togheter with the students, 3 motiongraphics short movies to explain some specific topics of Etruscan culture. The students elaborated 10 different storyboards from which the directors of the museum selected 3 them to be animated.  CREDITS Direction: Maurizio Finotto Executive and creative direction: Emanuele D’Antonio Soundtrack: Gianluca Moscoloni Animation: Mikkel G.Martinsen Storyboards & Design: Fabiana Azara| Gloria Biasi | Sara Colonna | Michela Diciocia | Chiara Egizj | Sonia Formica | Serena Morandi | Angela Riondino |... Read The Rest →


This is the second expriment with small mapping video installation. Sort of lightboxes sound reactive. Below photo from the latest two differen setups.      


This was an amazing Gig! Music Italy show is a fair in Bologna, Italy, that had this opening party in one of the cities most beautifull historic location. Palazzo Re Enzo in the heart of the city, tons of people and a good vibes.

APPARENTE | Painting

Una piccola serie di disegni realizzati tra il 2006 e 2007. Il titolo provvisorio della serie è Apparente. La tecnica è mista e il supporto è la carta di un blocchetto, che contiene 150 fogli, ne avrò ancora un pò per finirlo tutto. Dimension: 21x15cm

Winx on ice | Video Design

  Great Musical on ice, magic world of Winx, a lot of magic danger, strange creatures and glimmering love. A lots of particles around.   CREDITS Production: Poltronissima Stage Design: Giòforma Light Designer: Solbiati Light Programming: Jerry Video Setup: GDL Video Design: Mikkel G.Martinsen Director: Toto Vivinetto   PHOTO  

Recanati | Hand Animation

  There’s really not so such to say. Fidia asked me to partecipate with him or better to fill the classroom where his installation of Donald were exhibited.

INFORMAL PHOTO | Photography

For many years I’ve been capturing pictures of wall, threes, plastic, old painting almost any kind of surfaces where I could get close enough to create a sort of texture or informal image. Below a little selection. Feel free to download them and use it for any purpose. Of course I’ll be glad to see what you create with them. GALLERY


In home installation and experiment with a well known form of mapping projection. I used vmdx5 using perspective adjustment on each of the nine projection surfaces. Some imperfections around can be seen, as it not a mask based mapping. Music performance extract remix from Andrea Sartori’s Supertele track on the album Il Tagliacode.      

Hello Kitty Show | VideoDesign

Gioforma mi ha nuovamente coinvolto in una produzione del MAS. Un palco veramente modulare con 4 strisce mistrip motorizzati da fare fondale insieme una grid di led. Molto moderno e veramente potente l’impatto nei teatri. Ho creato un archivio video di oltre 120 clip di varia dimensione, forma e durata, il tutto ovviamente molto caramelloso. MORE INFO HERE


New channel TLC Launch during MIPTV in Cannes. Performing on stage there where SugaBabes. They definetly needed glimmering neon bright lights. A truely insight in a girls mind. CREDITS PRODUCTION: Mismaonda Grandi Eventi DESIGN: Giò Forma VIDEO DESIGN: Mikkel G.Martinsen TLC OFFICIAL WEBSITE PHOTO


Some of my latests VJ gigs: Artist: BLOODY BEETROOTS , SERENA DANDINI “Parla con me LIVE” , MARCO CAROLA , NEW YEAR EVE with Lucio Dalla, Irene Grandi, Stadio, Negrita.  

PumpThis | Motion Design

Once again the guys from Peacock, gently invited me to create a teaser to promote their party night named called PumpThis. Guest were Simian Disco Mobile djset. I always wanted to make fun of these HP adv where everything happens on their hands. So, with a little help from Stefania Giunchi, from Latveria Design, we set this little teaser up. U yearh I going…. I’m fucking going… Sometimes I just can’t serious enough. CREDITS CONCEPT & ANIMATION: Mikkel G.Martinsen DESIGN & RECORDINGs: Stefania Giunchi

MTV Reception Desk | Video Design

Lo studio di Media Design GiòForma  mi ha commisionato la realizzazione dei video dedicati al display incastonato nella nuova reception degli uffici milanesi di Mtv Italia. Abbiamo pensato di tenere un profilo lowfi, quandi vecchi videogames avanti tutta! … A desk designed by Giòforma needed some lo-fi wellknown videogames design   HERE SOME VIDEO DESIGNS          


Umberto Romagnoli mi ha chiamato per dargli una mano per programmare il live video per questo setup con doppia proiezione su tulle e schermo dietro, per un concerto di musica classica di Handel L’Acqua e il fuoco. A seguire e in regia live dello spettacolo c’era il bravo Federico Bigi dei Apparati Effimeri e lo stesso Umberto, che hanno fatto un ottimo lavoro. Almeno così mi hanno riferito, visto che io per la prima non ero in sala…  

NTL | Video Design + Vjing

I was involved in 2007 with the first italian edition of the project Nokia Trends Lab. It was a success and the global team asked me to join them, making some esperiments with the mobile phone and of course vjing around the world to their global events.   I created the mobile phone application VJ Flash Mobile [see here], coordinated the on-stage mobile phone cameras, made some experimental video clips [see here]… So I collaborated with them for almost all the events: Moscow, Vilnius, Belgium, Kiev, Helsinki, Milan.   THE... Read The Rest →

Gigi D’Alessio WorldTour | Video Design

  Made Mi ha chiamato chiedendomi se ero disponibile ad incontrare Gigi D’Alessio per parlare del suo nuovo tour mondiale, che avrebbe dovuto contenere molti elementi cinematografici. Ci siamo messi al lavoro, lungo e faticoso la ricerca e la creazione del contenuto video. La bravissima Maura Paparo, ha realizzato coreografie molto suggestive che abbiamo ripreso facendoli poi interagire con Gigi durante il concerto. Nello Pennino ha fatto molte riprese in steadycam per le vie napoletane che abbiamo inserito all’interno dello show. Neve e coriandoli, caleidoscopici e la silouette di Valeria... Read The Rest →

WMC BeatPort Pool Party | VJing

I was invited to join the VJs at the BeatPort Pool Party during the WMC on Miami. Among me there was VJ Culture, Chika, Psyberpixer, Benson-C,Xarene, Justin and VJ Tek… Tons of djs changing every hours, great pool, good coktails…. so what can I say … Cool!  

DERRI DESIGN | Video Design

Togheter with Latveria Design, whom designed the visual identity of this new turkish clothes label, we made different video to illustrate the mood and the product. We designed video for the fair display a collection launch.   FILMS    

Henry Cotton’s AI Collection Presentation | Motion

From Latveria they called us to edit the official backstage for the new collection Henry Cottons Fall/Winter 2009-2010. It was from here that our collaboration with the brand started, and led us over several years to film and make the post production. HC FW2009-2010 Collection :  

Neon Glow | Footage

Third release of our vj dedicated footage. This time we fly back on a slightly disturbed neon glowy mood. We included several black and white video either to colorize or for simply masking purposes.   BUY IT ON RESOLUME

FORTYSSIMA | Motion Design

Il mio amico Fidia Falschetti mi ha coinvolto all’inizio dell’estate in questa piccola avventura: realizzare il video dei 40 di Lina Pennesi. La abbiamo interrogata e studiata molto. Alla fine è partita la mano di Fidia e la nostra fantasia ha preso forma, infine ho cercato di animare al meglio.  

SMAC card | Video Design

Lo studio Latveria Design mi ha commisionato lo spot di 30” per la nuova campagna promozionale Smac Card della Repubblica di San Marino. Ne è venuto fuori un sequenza di lettering con uno speach dedicato semplice, d’impatto e gustoso.  

CTRL ROOM | Video Design

Da un po’ di tempo stavo pensando a come sarebbe se il mondo fosse continuamente pervaso dalle immagini. E’ venuto fuori un piccolo lavoro curioso e chissà perchè la goliardia mi segue.   VIDEO  

Electrowave 09 | Video Design

Massimo Pastore dei MEAT Collettivo Grafico, in partnership con lo studio Latveria Design dove risiedo mi ha chiesto per Electrowave festival di prepare uno spot di apertura e il video footage per il festival. Direction: Massimo Pastore Animation: Mikkel G.Martinsen Live Recording: Stefania Giunchi Design: MEAT Collettivo Grafico   VIDEO

PumpThis Opening Teaser | Motion Design

I divertenti ragazzi di Peacock mi hanno chiamato per fare un piccolo spot video per bombardare in rete l’apertura della loro nuova one night bolognese PumpThis. Ospiti i BloodyBeetroots !!! And of course I also did the VJ …   VIDEO

MTV DAY feat.TokioHotel Athens | Video Design

Tokio Hotel was performing at the MTV Day in Greece, in that occasion they also recorded the concert for MTV World stage. A lot of led walls was covering the backline. The stage design was “offered” by GiòForma. We tried to create some higly contrasting loops that could be easely mixed live during the performance.   VIDEO HERE   CREDITS Client: MTV Italia Stage Design: Giò Forma Light Designer: Johnny Catalyst Star: Nick Malbon Video Design: Mikkel G.Martinsen Live Director: Cristian Biondani

Negrita Helldorado Tour I VideoDesign

 Italian rock band Negrita is out with their new album and tour. They wanted to introduce small video moments in their show, either to write “the party is over” or to show boxing instances during the ballade dedicated to Hemingway. The winter rehearsal next to the mountains in north Italy was an absolutely magic week, and that is not always included! CREDITS PRODUCTION: La Diligenza MANAGEMENT & DIRECTION: Fabrizio Barbacci LIGHT DESIGNER: Jo Campana LIGHT PROGRAMMING: Marco De Nardi VIDEO DESIGN & VIDEO PROGRAMMING: Mikkel G.Martinsen  

Vasco08 TOUR | Video Design

Chiamato dallo studio GiòForma a realizzare i contributi video per il tour de “Il mondo che vorrei”, ho avuto il piacere e l’onore di preparare lo show assieme a Jo Campana, Marco De Nardi e il light designer Giovanni Pinna. E’ stata un’esperienza indimenticabile e lo show che ne è venuto fuori è sicuramente di grande impatto. CREDITS STAGE DESIGN: Giòforma PRODUCTION: Milano Concerti LIGHT DESIGNER: Giovanni Pinna VIDEO LIVE: Jo Campana LIGHT & VIDEO PROGRAMMING: Marco De Nardi VIDEO DESIGN: Mikkel G.Martinsen & Giorgio Multivisione   PHOTO VIDEO  ... Read The Rest →

FortyMinus | Resolume Library #2

Second Release on Resolume vj software. This time I was thinking that have a deck full of flash based text files, could really be helpfull. Easy to reedit directly from resolume (also Avenue), colorize and move around. So I preparred 40 animated and dynamic flash files. Bart notize that I  only attach 39 files so FortyMinus became the name of the library.   BUY IT ON RESOLUME

DELight | Resolume Library #1

This is the first edition of the footage I’m releasing on Resolume website. All video where recorded in Kiev during my tour with the Nokia Trends Lab events.   BUY IT ON RESOLUME

VJFLASH MOBILE | VJing Interactive

I started sperimenting with the Nokia NSeries phones, cause involved in the project NOKIA TRENDS LAB, trying to find a way to use the TV-OUT signal of the phone to turn the mobile phone into a video mixer. With FlashLite™ tecnology, I discovered that the NSeries phones got a fully compatibility with this language. So I immagine to have a simple layered player where you could load .swf files. After a little sperimenting and with a foundamental help from Davide Arcinotti and Marco Muraca, we were able to delivery for... Read The Rest →

Art First White Night | Live + Video Design

Mismaonda grandi eventi gave me the opportunity to color Palazzo dei Notai in Piazza Maggiore Bologna Italy. The White Night was organized by the biggest italian art fair “Art First”. We design a bright colored mood, with geometrical forms generating randomly on the surface of the building. No specific mapping was done, beside the windows. We also integrated Graffiti Research Labs Laser Tag, used by the people passing in the square. Unfortunally it rains like never seen before… Credits: Production: Mismaonda grandi eventi | Direction: Luca Lazzaris | Service: GianniGuerrini... Read The Rest →

Locomotiv club | VJing

Sono stato chiamato dal Locomotivclub a fare un piccolo setup, un po’ particolare e dinamico per la serata DiscoMobile in cui ha suonato Darshan Jesrani dei MetroArea. Ho pensato che la consolle proiettata e un banner inserito all’interno della proiezione dietro al DJ, potessero creare un effetto interessante. Sotto trovate alcune fotografie. Music: DARSHAN JESRANI /MetroArea   PHOTO

Henry Cotton’s Video Identity | Motion

Thru the past years we’ve made, and are still making, all corporate videos, backstage shootings, official and unofficial multimedia presentations, for the brand HenryCottons owned by Industries spa. Latveria Design has developed its visual identity and web presence. Starting from the beginning and up to close days hereunder are some videos. HenryCottons Heritage : HenryCottons Harrods adv :  


Mattia Petullà and Massimiliano Minissale had this great concept of a film in 360 degree, where it become possible to explore the space and reality, in a total immersive enviroment. And why not talk about alienation. Massimilano invented also a new “360treppiede” to record exactly on different angles standing always in same middle point. It was a long process to see it displayed in Teatro San Leonardo in Bologna for three days, in which I also made a live music performace. — VIDEO PLAIN RENDER — VIDEO VR PHOTO


We where commisioned by MTV Italia the video design of stages led display for the concerts during Mtv Day. At Genova old seaport, there was bright colored glows during the various performances, including: Fabri Fibra, Caparezza and Duffy.   VIDEO  

Samsung OMNIA i900 | VJ

Samsung launched his new mobile phone OMNIA i900 onto Italian market, they choosed an event launch truely characterized by a tecnologic urban mood. We created some wierd darkly colored videos for our vj set at the launch event. Client: Samsung Italia Production: ItsCool Stage and interior design: GiòForma Video Design: Mikkel G.Martinsen   VIDEO

Video Vox box | Interactive

ENG We made this flash based interactive question software. It was realized for the campaign “Metti in circolo le energie” for the Busto Arsizio Comune. The campaign was invented by Jack Bulthalsky. 10 Totem computers were located around the city and allowed the citizens to make purpose and judge the comunal administration acts. All the responses were directly stored on text file.   ITA Sviluppo e customizzazione per questo applicativo in Flash che gestisce la video intervista per la campagna Mette in circolo le energie del Comune di Busto Arsizio,... Read The Rest →

Electrowave 08 | Motion

Breve intro per il festival di musica elettronica Elettrowave che si conclude oggi presso la fortezza Vecchia a Livorno. Cliente: Fondazione Arezzo Wave Design: Latveria and Meat Collettivo Grafico AD: Dino Lupelli Animation: Mikkel G.Martinsen   VIDEO

DISCOVERY NIGHT Palazzo Grassi | VJing

During the Biennale of Cinema di Venezia, Discovery channel held this channel launch party at Palazzo Grassi. I was called to light up the roof of the party area and the stairs behind the small orchestra playing during the vernissage. There was also a fabulous sushi buffet! PRODUCTION: Pry INTERIOR DESIGN: GiòForma — VIDEO  

Marina Yachting Pickot H2NO | Video Fair

Video per il nuovo giubbotto di Marina Yachting H2NO, realizzato in un tessuto particolare il Trilaminate Teflon, e prodotto in serie limitata di 500 pz. Un po’ di onde repertorio (grazie BBC) e motiongraphics. Realizzato per un plasma 42 pollici collocato in verticale, il filmato verrà esposto in questi giorni al Pitti Immagine Uomo a Firenze Fortezza da Basso.   VIDEO

PromoSpin OnlineSpot | Motion

PromoDVD per PROMOSPIN commisionato da WPItalia. Direction: Guglielmo Gentile Live Recording: Massimiliano Bartolini Animation: Mikkel G.Martinsen Integrato per DVD e Web. VIEW VIDEO ONLINE

Api/IP VideoSpot Motorshow07 | Motion

Sono usciti i nuovi premi nella raccolta punti carburante ed è vicino il MotorShow a bologna percui quella bella multinazionale di api/IP ha deciso di fare una versione video del catalogo premi del concorso vieni vinci premi.

Suggestioni D’ambiente | Graphic Design & Streaming Management

Mismaonda asked us to create the graphic design of the project Suggestioni D’ambiente. A series of workshops in highschools dedicated to the evaluation of recycling knowledge. They also wanted us to manage the live streaming. We tryed out Using a Full HD cam. It really works well, the platform is absolutely a really good ground to stand on if you’re not doing streaming as your main occupation… VIDEO OF THE MAIN EVENT in collaboration with VisualLab  

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