Torna sul luogo del delitto Luciano. Conferma il team che si arricchisce con la costanza e sostanza di Roberto Costantino.
We created the videodesign for the three hour concert infront of 116.000 people. Massive led wall. The really challenge was to fit in the live shots (directed by Cristian Biondani), in all songs creating with the graphics a unique design.
Luciano Ligabue had precise ideas about what there should happen in various parts of the show giving us the possibility to navigate free around reaching each checkpoint.
All the show was recorded also in 3D, so we’re wainting to trasform our design to the upcomming first italian live 3d motionpicture.
Production: Riservarossa
Art Direction: LL & Claudio Maioli
Content Direction & Light Design: Jo Campana
Content Design: Mikkel G.Martinsen, Pietro Grandi, Roberto Costantino
GrandMA programmer & Operator: Marco “Made” De Nardi
Pandoras Box: Dado
Live cams & 3d Director: Cristian Biondani